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We provide you with a reliable workforce. The H2H platform offers recruiting-services for both permanent and temporary positions. Time is money, and we help you save both!


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    The H2H platform helps bring employees and employers together.

    Personnel search platform

    The H2H platform provides only the best workers, background-checked, and legal. This, in turn, reduces risks posed by random workers.

    Cutting costs

    We provide the workforce handily and rapidly. Any enterprise hiring temporary workers will reduce it’s financial and legal burden.

    Structured database

    A structured database enables us to offer enterprises a permanent workforce in great numbers, and arrange for temporary rented employees as you go.

    Mobile application

    A lot of people would like to earn extra income without working full-time. Our service brings employees and employers together via mobile or web-based apps.


    about us

    Any construction site faces a situation when deadline creeps is closer, but you just don’t have enough spare hands to meet it. On each construction site we face a situation when deadline is close, but there is not enough spare hands to meet it.
    H2H provided provides us with people, and we always manage managed to deliver on time.
    Alexander Shamanin

    Project manager, Remet Ehitus

    I liked the flexible hours. Whenever I needed to change jobs, site managers always met me halfway.


    I always had the best experience with H2H. They pay you on time, you never feel lack of tools or materials.

    Construction worker

    H2H provided 2 work crews for our sites, which lacked people and could fall behind schedule. 16 skilled laborers started their work already the next day after we placed an order. In the end, the job was completed quickly and with finesse.
    Urmo Kaasik

    Nostra OÜ executive director

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