About H2H

H2H was created to bring employees and employers together, to make their cooperation more effective and flexible, reduce costs, cut time losses.

Many employers need temporary workers employees to be effective, but just can’t be bothered with all the trouble. H2H can be the link can establish connection between two parties. Our employees enjoy timely prompt payments, proper taxing, and stable income. H2H is a great way offers a great opportunity to do extra work and earn more. extra money

Our structured database includes more than 2000 workers and enables employers and employees to connect directly. We are also partnered We also have partnership with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. and will gladly accept candidates provided by it. We gladly accept unemployed candidates. Most of our registered personnel staff are local, but the growing demand forced us to hire from Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine. We work with some of the largest companies in Estonia, such as MERKO, ASTLANDA, FUND, REMET, STARK BUILDING, RAMIRENT, UPS, and STRING.

The development of H2H as a company has been rapid. We have a great team, common principles and values.

A few years ago, we began developing a platform that would bring together a job seeker and an employer. The company’s turnover grew rapidly and we decided to increase the company’s investment in the digital recruitment environment.

We recently opened a second recruitment office in Estonia and a third is planned. We have a large database and experience in how to provide manpower according to the needs of companies. We offer labor in Tallinn, the whole of Harju County, Tartu and Narva, as the mediation of job seekers and temporary labor already works all over Estonia. Thanks to international orders, we are expanding into new markets in Sweden, Norway and Germany.


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