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We know how difficult it is for employers to find qualified staff. We also know that finding temporary employees to cover people on sick leave or vacation can be time-consuming and expensive.

Our partners are safe from wasting time and money

Become our partner if you need a quality temporary or permanent workforce if you need to rent personnel to put the final strokes on your “burning” project. Just sign your application and our manager will contact you for details. The workers will be picked by our managers right after.

In 80% of situations, In majority of cases we can provide a much-needed demanded workforce the next day. H2H guarantees that you will receive the most qualified and suitable workers for the task at hand for the raised goal. Our database contains hundreds of people ready to work evenings and weekends. In our database we have contacts of people who are interested in working part or full-time flexible hours, for example, at evenings or weekends.

Rating of more than 2000 employees

We rate our workers by their professional skills previously completed jobs. We made a special rating of employees by professional skills previously completed jobs. Our database includes hundreds of workers ready to start on the go raight to work of employees ready to start work at any time . We sign a contract with him in the office or in the field, so he can start working the same day. We sign a contract with an employee / with a candidate in the office or at the spot, so that candidate can start work at the same day. Our recruiting service also offers a very simple payment model.

We can quickly cover your shortage of labor.

Two days or two months – we can find personnel a candidate for any time frame for any period of time. You need 20 construction workers starting tomorrow – we can deliver. In case one of them does not suit you, we will forward a substitute in no time.

We build trust between us and our partners

We offer temporary employees to cover people on sick leave or vacation. Our reliable recruiting service saves you from the trouble of the hiring process. You rent only properly vetted workers. If you need more hands for your company – we are here to help. A lot of major businesses in Estonia use our services regularly.
Some of our major main clients are MERKO, ASTLANDA, REMET, RAMIRENT, UPS, and RIBBON BUILDING.
Today our platform gives you control of your workforce via our website. You can pick the workers you need using your H2H account.
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H2H – a much-needed worker for your site. Tomorrow!

  • Fill out the order
  • Our manager will specify your site details and pick suitable workers
  • We agree on the hourly rate
  • You sign the agreement and pay for the hours
  • We will take care of all the paperwork



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