How do I know that there is a job for me?

You will be notified via our mobile app при помощи специального приложения H2H Aerostat. WARNING! You won’t be notified if You don’t have the app installed on Your phone!

How much I made this month? Last month?

You can always check Your current balance using the “Wallet” page in Your H2H profile.


When will I be paid?

You get paid on 10th of each month. You will be paid one week after the job is completed in case of a temporary assignment.

Should I use my own tools?

It depends. Consult the app or our manager. Generally there are 3 choices: 

1) You work with Your own tools

2) The tools are provided by H2H

3) The tools are provided by Your employer.


I do not have a smartphone. Now what?

A smartphone is essential to work with H2H.

Can I work unofficially?



Is this a temporary or permanent job?

Our goal is to find a permanent job for You. However, it is not always possible.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We will sign a permanent contract after 4 months work with H2H.


Do I need my own workwear or personal protective equipment?

Our manager will issue a helmet, visibility vest, and gloves. The client will provide You with special wear or protection if needed. H2H also provides workwear for permanent employees.

What if I get sick?

Immediately inform our manager, and be sure to arrange proper paperwork with Your doctor.


My phone was low on battery and I could not accept a job.

In this case the system will offer the job to someone else.

I do not want to be an auxiliary worker anymore.

I got myself a driver’s license and want to become a professional driver.

то What should I do?

You can add a new skill to your profile. Be sure to specify your lack of experience.


How can I earn more? How do I raise my hourly rate?

Your hourly rate is based on the employer’s feedback. Every completed job benefits your rating and hourly rate.

I am not 18 years old yet. Can I apply for a job?

You can apply for a job with us if You are 16 or older.


How can I replace a worker if need be? If a worker does not suit me?

You can replace a worker using our system in the following situations: he failed his duties, he is not skilled enough or has some other problems.

All You have to do is use the “recall an employee” mechanism in the Job details – a similar job request will be created, and the system will run a search for a new employee.

What exactly Your service include?

H2H will take care of taxation after signing a contract. All You have to do is pay for the hours of the employee. We will also take care of any running costs.

Who is responsible for the quality of work?

Quality control lays solely on the client. You can always recall any employee in case he lacks skills or shows poor performance.

Is Your service available in Finland or Sweden?

We will reopen our services in Finland and Sweden as soon as the quarantine is fully lifted.

Can we arrange a piece-work payment instead of hourly pay?

Not at the moment, there is no such feature. But You can always contact our managers directly and ask for a solution.

Is Your service available in Tallinn only?

The entire country is covered by our service. Around 80 percent of our workforce is located in Tallinn, with the other 20% located all around the country.  

What kind of workers can I rent?

The list of professions and specialists is available on our home page.


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