The H2H platform helps bring employees and employers together. We also take care of all the financial and legal troubles. If you are ready to work, all you have to do is tell us.

We want the Estonian labor market to enter a new age, to grow and develop. We help people find temporary or permanent jobs. For the ones looking for extra income, we provide seasonal job opportunities.

Our services help enterprises reduce legal and hiring costs. New people are being employed daily. The H2H digital environment facilitates fruitful relationships between those who look for a job and those who desperately look for able hands. Years of experience in the field added more than 2 thousand people to our database. We can cover your lack of qualified personnel for an operation of any size in a matter of days. Any of your workers are on vacation or sick leave? Not a problem – H2H is the solution!

We sign the employee’s contract, we pay his wages, as well as deal with mind-boggling taxes. It really works for the employers, as they don’t have to bother about the cost of headhunting or hiring.

  • We want to contribute to the development of the labor market in Estonia, provide people with job opportunities, additional income, able hands, and reliable employees.
  • We employ construction workers, staff retail, and warehouses, as well as provide temporary workforce for cleaning services and agriculture.


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