What is H2H Aerostat?

What is H2H Aerostat?

H2H Aerostat is a new recruiting app which simplifies the life of both employers and employees. It is founded on a unique modern algorithm using multilevel filtering and a high-speed dynamic database. Our solution allows you to find work in dozens of professions in various fields of activity in a matter of minutes. All you have to do — is sign up!

What data should I provide when signing up?

When signing up you must specify: 

– E-mail address

– Your city\town of residence

– The main language of communication, as well as any other languages that you fluent in

– Your personal ID code – this is necessary to automatically obtain the legal status of an employee in Estonia and confirm their right to work

– Cell Phone number

– Gender

NB! Please take some time to read our User Agreement and Privacy Policy!

Can I start work immediately after signing up?

First of all you need to list your skills. This will help employers understand which projects and tasks you are most suitable for. Our algorithm will then find you a suitable job. Skills are listed under different categories: construction, warehouse jobs, retail etc.

You can list as many skills as you want. This will give you more available jobs to pick from. You will be also prompted to specify the number of years of professional experience – 0 – 2 years, 2 – 5 years or more than 5 years.

Our manager will give you a call shortly after in order to confirm your registration.

Finally, add your bank details, download our app and sign in using your account details.  

You can start working now.

You say that the work will find me, how so?

This one is simple! All job offers will pop up on your phone. You will receive a push-notification as soon as there is a suitable job in the system. It will be sent to you by our algorithm. After that you have to accept or decline.  

How do I get paid?

In order to get paid for completed jobs you have to add your bank account details to the system. You can do it in your account settings on our website. Payments will be accumulated in your wallet and transferred to your bank account on the 10th of each month. The system will be upgraded in the future, adding the pay-as-you go feature.

Will my labour be evaluated? How?

Employee’s performance is evaluated using feedback from the employers. A good rating and feedback will increase your chances of getting a better job offer. Better paid, better hours, better choice of offers. You will be issued with warnings for missing your job or carrying it out with negligence. Warnings will greatly reduce the number of job offered to you.

Can I get work in other cities?

Yes, you can work in other cities or towns, not only at your place of residence. In order to receive offers from other places you have to check the “ready to relocate” box.

How is H2H Aerostat different from any other “quick hire” services? Do I have any guarantees?

The main difference of H2H Aerostat from all other services is that our system is not an intermediary or just a middleman. You work for us and we guarantee your payments to the full extent and on time. The system is fully automated, it cannot make mistakes or be tricked.

We will resolve any issues with the employers ourselves. Thus, all our employees receive full protection and all guarantees listed in the labor legislation.  

Another difference between our system and other “quick hire” companies is that we save you time. You do not need to go through dozens of job ads and bother yourself with “job hunting”. Our algorithm saves you from this routine – with H2H the job hunts you!

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