Need a job? You decide when and where!

We would like to put your skills to good use quickly, so you don’t have to browse through numerous job-sites, or sort through thousands of job offers. Our partners provide hundreds of positions, for any level of qualification. We guarantee your payments on time. Just register with our manager and your job will hunt you. Our offers include but not limited to construction, warehouse duty, cleaners, and many more. Imagine yourself finding a job with less than 10 clicks of a mouse. If you’re looking for a job, our massive database will help you to start tomorrow.

Job hunting

Have you ever tried to find a job in Estonia? How much time and effort does it take? Hours upon hours of sending CVs, endless interviews, tests, etc.Want to avoid all this nonsense, but still want to get a perfectly legal job? Come work with us. There are no financial risks for you here – our services are free of any charges.

Just send us an application. Our manager will specify your skills, your workplace preferences, and add you to our database. You will be notified as soon as there is a new suitable assignment.

Temporary position

We can help you find temporary work. The main advantage of a temporary assignment is that you can do extra work when you need it. We do not bind our employees with long-term obligations. You can refuse to accept any job at any time and still get paid for the work you did.

New mobile application

We are currently working on a mobile application that will make your job hunting even easier. Employees will be able to browse through available jobs and projects using their smartphones. Everyone knows what is UBER, right? Our idea is the same but deals with labor mediation. We bring employees and employers together.

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In Estonia and abroad

We offer job opportunities to any candidate based in Estonia. We can assist in landing a job in Tallinn, Harju county, Tartu, and Narva. We also provide you with an opportunity to work abroad. We are currently working with Norwegian, Swedish, and German employers. Foreign companies always look for truck drivers, concrete workers, construction workers. We want to do our part and help the growth of the Estonian job market. We work so employees can always find a job, improve their income. Our service helps employers to cut the costs of hiring labor.


When it comes to your payday, H2H takes care of all the financial and legal trouble. You sign your contract with us, and we guarantee your paycheck on time and to the letter of your contract. Also, you can be 100% sure that your salary is properly taxed.

H2H – and you start tomorrow!

  • Fill out your application
  • Our manager will specify your skills, your workplace preferences, and add you to our database
  • You can start earning after signing the contract
  • You will get paid 72 hours after the job is done.

We are hiring

H2H – and you start tomorrow!

Construction workers

We are hiring a wide range of construction workers. Whether you are a painter, an installer of ceramic or gypsum boards, a builder, a concrete worker, or a laborer, we will find the right job for you and help you gain experience.

Warehouse workers

Experienced warehouse worker, or just a fit man? You can easily find some extra income with us working loading and unloading operations.


If you have good communication skills and want to work in a store, we will immediately find a place for you. Perhaps you want to try yourself as an auxiliary worker in a store or warehouse? Contact our customer service manager.

Field and outdoor workers

Landscaping, excavation and maintenance work, creation of planting zones, mowing lawns, shrubs, and hedges, street washing, and snow removal. Unqualified, season, and auxiliary work. This sphere always offers a number of job opportunities


One-time cleaning of objects, cleaning after construction, removal of construction waste. Seasonal or regular work for cleaners and cleaning service specialists. There are always vacancies in this area.

Support staff for major events

Support staff, catering workers, cleaning services, as well as warehouse workers are always in great demand.